01. Always be respectful.

02. No foul language on the mats.

03. Be Humble


04. Absolutely, no school/affiliation patches, or rashguards may be worn for training.


05. No shoes on the mats. Shoes or flip flops required when you are not on the mats.

06. No food or open containers/cups. Bottled drinks only.

07. No electronic devices allowed in the training area.

08. Change in the designated changing areas. Do not change in the restrooms.

09. All training gear and bags should be left in the bag area, not on the benches or around the training area.


10. Always keep good hygiene.

11. The uniform must be clean at all times.

12. Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed.

13. All jewelry, piercings, necklaces, and other items should be removed during training.


14. Spectators must sit in the designated seating area.


15. All members must comply with IBJJF Rules and standards while on the mats.
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